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my spiritual practice

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well. I spend yesterday night wondering how I was going to get from Queens to Brooklyn at 1 in the morning without getting raped and murdered, but that issue resolved itself, thank Jesus.

Additionally, I wanted to updated you on “To All the Pastors that have Ghosted Me.” He reached out, and we had a great conversation. Do I feel better? Yes. Are all my reservations about the American Evangelical Church completely fixed, or ever 60% fixed? No ❤️

Which leads me to the topic of today: how I’m remaining hopeful and grounded without the complete satisfaction of parochial living? I was asking myself this exact question as well, until this week. I’ve found the perfect way to renew my spirit: telling men what to do.

Oh my God, I get a rush just THINKING about it! I got the divine pleasure TWICE this past week and I’m honestly purified for the next six weeks.

Without giving too much detail in fear that they might find this article and that I will be #exposed and I’ll have to give one of those fake, sobb-y, apology videos when a YouTube gets canceled for being racist, the incidents had to do with clocking his wig and demanding more money 💵 Honestly some of the best experiences I’ve had in 2020. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated ✨So if you ever are feeling a little down, or icky, or low-energy, just ask an older man for more money. It’ll make you feel young again 💕💕

Anyways, not much of a story time because, again, I don’t want to get sued, but I figured I give you a little #lifehack from me ✨💕✨🌈 Just breathe, baby girl, drink water, and daily remind men they are wrong just for their existence 😘




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